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We are leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Mycelium and Silica based Organic Fertilizers and Herbal Extracts for agriculture.

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Organic Fertilizers - Tansa Agromeal

Tansa Agromeal
Organic fertiliser /Bio soil conditioner
Net Weight : 50 kg
Expiry Date : 2 years from date of mfg.
Content :
Moisture 15%
Phosphate as P2O5 : >1%
Potassiums K2O :>1%
Nitrogen(N) : >2%
pH : 6.9-700
C:N : 10:1
Organic Carbon : 19%

Tansa Agromeal is an ideal high protien compost with following unique features:

Its wholesome protein level is an ideal food for all crops as well as the soil fauna.

It strengthens the useful natural inhabitant soil microflora and supresses the pathogenic orgnisms by competitive growth process. Simultaneously, it also develops plant protection mechanism by inducing chitinase like enzymes. The thick microbial population developed near the root-one nutralizes the exudate and eliminates the toxic compounds there by healthy eco-system for plant growth is maintained with extensive production of humus.

The chelating action helps for reducing the toxicity of metals like Fe, Mn, Ni, and the organochelated Mg, Zn, B and Ca present in it, render their seady uutilization by the plants and enhances their growth even under adverse edaphic conditions.

Tansa Agromeal is an ideal broad-spectrum bio-fertilizer and instant food for all plants as it is originatd from fast growing fermented cultures hence. no Lag phase for its utilization as compared to other organic fertilizer like, Neem cake, cotton seed, meal or even 7:10:5.

The N-fixing and P-solubilizing bacteria present in Tansa Agromeal along with similar natural inhabitant microbes in the soil serve as inoculum with the huge quantity of compact medium available in it, multiply vigorously under the field-condition and convert the soil components also into active organic forms, thus increases humus in the soil; ultimately luxurious plant growth is obtained with improved soil fertility.


Excessive use of Chemical inoraganic fertilizers has played serious problems with the delicate balance of eco-system that is so vital for agriculture. As a result, the soil is fast loosing its fertility.

This phenomenon has now reached alarming proportions and little neglect on our part can be catastrophical. In view of this, a group of farmers, scientists and technocrats have developed Tansa Agromeal, an endeavour that carefully restores the soil to its original, by re-establishing the fine balance of eco-system. The main ingredient of Tansa Agromeal consists of fast growing useful saprophytic microbial bio-mass. The culture culture during fermentation produce most powerful enzymes for conversions of the substrate. For the growth of microbial culture, soya flour, Groundnut meal, Cottonsead meal, Corn steep liquer, Ammonium sulphate, Potassium Phosphate, Magnessium Sulphate, PAA as precurser and Zn, Fe, Mn, etc as trace elements along with continuous feeding of Sugar solution, are used under controlled parameters. All these factores are utilised for enriched biomass production which also consists residual precursor like phenyl acetic acid. From this active protein-rich biomass Tansa Agromeal is produced, which consists all essential ingredients required for green plant growth in appropriate proportion. Hence, it consist proteins, enzymes, Vitamins, organic acids, natural harmones and all essential ingredients favourable for plant growth. The N-fixing and P-solublizing bacteria present in Tansa Agromeal serve as inoculum and along with similar inhabitant microbs present in the soil, the population increases enormously under field conditions as it gets ready food for their growth. The chitin present in it acts as a chelating agent which effectively reduces the toxicity of metals and other toxic compounds present in the soil. This is how, it is superior than all other organic fertilizers like neemcake, poultry manure, earthworm and other composts.


Silicon Organic Fertilizers

Need :

  • Effective when given along with Bio-N at the time of sowing.
  • At all stages of growth of crop.
  • Effective for root development when gievn with P.
  • To build resistance against pest and disease attack at the time of flowering.
  • In order to relieve from stress due to sudden changes in climate.
  • For resistance against insects and diseases.

  • Availability : (HDPE bag)
    10 kg, 5kg

    Dosage :
    Crops with short growth span - 5Kg / acer
    Crops with long growth span - 10Kg / acer

    Content :

    Total Silica as Sio2 : >15%
    Total Phosphate as P2O5 : >1%
    Nitrogen(N) : >1%
    PH : 6.7-700
    C:N : 10:1
    Organic Carbon : 15%