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We are leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Mycelium and Silica based Organic Fertilizers and Herbal Extracts for agriculture.

Herbal Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides

Soil Improvement

Herbal Extract for Soil Improvement For Composting And Improving Soil

Product Name : Amurta

Need :

  • Useful for composting of trash, weeds etc.

  • When soil is saline, alkaline.

  • To enhance methane percentage of biogas plant.

  • Visible benefits :

  • To avoid foul smell, generating of flies, mosquitoes etc.

  • In situ composting of weeds, trash, other agri waste.

  • If used through drip, soil microbes, earthworms are multiplied.

  • Salt content is reduced.

  • Soil becomes porous.

  • Humus content in soil is increased.

  • Additional benefits :

  • For increasing ability to secrete enzymes by microbes,

  • earthworms which degrade the organic waste.

  • For multiplication of microbes which help degradation.

  • Amruta

  • SAMVED Amruta

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    Dosage : 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml
    Spraying : 250ml / ton waste

    Viral Diseases Of Plant

    Herbal Extract For Management Of Viral Diseases

    Product Name : Virochek

    Need :

  • In case sucking pests attack.

  • To reduce leaf curl disease.

  • In case leaves turn yellow.

  • Visible benefits :

  • Leaf curling is stopped after first spray, yellow leaves start

  • turning green.

  • After second spray, yellow-green nets on leaves are not seen.

  • Growth of new leaves starts immediately.

  • Crop comes out from dead state completely.

  • Crop gains enough strength to resist viral growth.

  • Crop comes out of stress and and fast growth begins.

  • Additional benefits :

  • Chemical liquids are created in crop which oppose viral

  • growth.

  • After second / third spray viral growth does not affect new leaves.

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    Dosage : 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml
    Spraying : 2ml / lit water (Two sprays are required with duration of 4 days.)
    In case of unfavourable climate, spray with an interval of 10-12 days
    Drenching /drip : 500ml / acre (Tip: Use sticker during spraying.)

    Crop Resistance

    Herbal Extract For Management Of Crop Resistance Against Bacterial Attack

    Product Name : Bactoguard

    Need :

  • In drizzling conditions.

  • Hot and humid climate.

  • In case of bacterial infection.

  • Visible benefits

  • Bacterial growth is stopped in 24 to 36 hrs.

  • Bacterial spot becomes black.

  • These conditions become unfavourable for growth of bacteria and result in its death.

  • Leaves become rough.

  • No stress is developed on crop. Growth of crop is started within 36 to 48 hrs.

  • Bacterial infection is under control upto 10-12 days even if in unfavourable climate.

  • Additional benefits :

  • Bactoguard is 100% non poisonous

  • No toxic residues in plant

  • Produce is safe to eat even immediately after spraying

  • Effective on blight due to Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas etc

  • Si content in leaves is increased

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    Dosage : 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml
    Spraying : 1ml / lit water Drenching /drip : 500ml / acre
    (Tip: Use sticker during spraying)

    Fungal Diseases Of Plant

    Herbal Extract For Management Of Fungal Diseases

    Product Name : Dischek

    Need :

  • In cloudy weather and continuous rain.

  • In humid conditions.

  • At the time of fungal infection.

  • If leaves are very succulent.

  • If soil is full of water for a longer time.

  • To avoid fungal infection during injuries at pruning.

  • Non-poisonous and residue free.

  • At the time of cutting.

  • In order to control all fungal diseases - downey mildew, powdery mildew, alternaria, root wilt, collar rot, fusarium, early & late blight, sigatoka, rust, yellow rust, anthracnose, phytopthora, pythium.

  • Visible benefits :

  • Unfavourable conditions for growth of fungus are developed in crop itself which can result in killing of fungus. Fungal spots become black.

  • No stress on crop after use of Dischek.

  • Control of growth of fungus.

  • Crop comes out of stress due to climatic conditions / fungal attack and crop growth is started in 36 to 48 hrs. after use of Dischek.

  • Additional benefits :

  • Cell walls of crop become thick, leaves become rough.

  • Dischek is 100% nontoxic. No toxic residues in plant.

  • Fruits / vegetables are safe to eat even immediately after spraying.

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    Dosage : 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml
    Spraying : 1-2ml / lit water (Two sprays are required with duration of 4 days)
    Drenching /drip : 500ml / acre (Tip: Use sticker during spraying)

    Potash Absorption Of Roots

    Herbal Extract For Potash Absorption

    Product Name : Ultra-K

    Need :

  • For maturity of crop.

  • To initiate fruiting.

  • To improve colour, size, taste, keeping quality, luster of fruits / flowers.

  • To increase tolerance of crop in drought conditions.

  • To arrest fruit and flower dropping to be used along with Ultra- Sil.

  • To increase sugar content in fruits, sugarcane.

  • Visible benefits :

  • Maturity of crop in accelerated.

  • Fruit and flower dropping is reduced.

  • Size, colour, taste, luster of fruits and flowers is improved.

  • Keeping quality is enhanced.

  • Ripening is preponed.

  • Useful to increase sugar recovery of sugarcane and t.s.s. of

  • Export quality grapes.

  • Additional benefits :

  • Sugar content in fruits is increased.

  • Photosynthesis becomes efficient.

  • Better tolerance to drought conditions.

  • Evaporation losses through leaves are reduced.

  • For resistance against insects and diseases.


  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    Dosage : 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml
    Spraying : 2ml / lit water
    Drenching /drip :500ml / acre (Tip: Use sticker during spraying)

    Co2 Absorption

    Herbal Extract for Co2 Absorption

    Induces efficient CO2 absorption by leaves that enhance photosynthesis

    Product Name : Ultra CO2

    Availability : (HDPE bottles)

    Dosage : 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml

    Need :

  • In cloudy atmosphere.

  • In case of insufficient sunlight - to increase photosynthesis.

  • In continuous rainy conditions.

  • In cold climate.

  • In case of excess vegetative growth, during increasing size, shape of flowers and fruits.

  • To prepone maturity stage - to be used with Ultra-K.

  • Visible benefits :

  • Due to efficient absorption of CO2 by leaves

  • Leaf area is significantly increased.

  • Leaves become large and thick.

  • Significant increase in size and weight of flowers & vegetables,

  • Sugarcane.

  • Additional benefits :

  • Metabolic rate of crop is induced.

  • C:N ratio of crop is balanced.

  • P, Si, K absorption is induced.

  • Maximum sunlight and carbon dioxide is absorbed which leads to efficient photosynthesis even in case of less sunlight.

  • Spraying : 2ml / lit water

    (Tip: Use sticker during spraying.)

    Silica Absorption

    Herbal Extract for Silica Absorption

    For Inducing Silicon Uptake In Leaves From Roots

    Product Name : Ultra-Sil

    Need :

  • At all stages of growth of crop.

  • Effective when given along with Bio-N.

  • Effective for root development when given with P.

  • For preventing pest and disease attack at the time of flowering.

  • In order to relieve from stress due to sudden changes in climate.

  • Visible benefits :

  • Due to better uptake of silicon

  • Germination of seed is accelerated.

  • Leaves become stiff and strong as the cell wall is thickened.

  • Leaf area is increased - which accelerates carbon intake. Hence photosynthesis improves.

  • Significant increase in root number.

  • Number of tillers are increased. Uniform bud differentiation.

  • Lodging in paddy, wheat, sugarcane, maize is avoided.

  • Seeds in pods of groundnut, peas, soybean, paddy, tur, lentils, maize, wheat etc. are filled completely and become bold in size.

  • Hairy structure on leaves of water melon, cucumber, cucurbits etc. become stiff that helps to prevent thrips attack.

  • Seed cover of all cereals and pulses becomes thick and strong, prevents pest attack in storage.

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)

    Dosage : 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5000 ml

    Spraying : 1ml / lit water

    Drenching/Drip : 500ml / acre (Tip: Use sticker during spraying.)

    Nitrogen Absorption

    Herbal Extract for Nitrogen Absorption

    Herbal Extract Which Induces Absorption Of Atmospheric Nitrogen

    Product Name : BIO N

    Need :

  • Nitrogen generally affects leaf colour (dark green), shape,

  • Quantity and crop height. So Nitrogen is necessary.

  • At the time of germination.

  • Growth of crop at early stage.

  • At the time of transplantation of seedlings.

  • To increase leaf size.

  • Till flowering stage of crop.

  • Required in nursery of vegetable / fruit crops.

    Visible benefits :

  • Number and size of leaves are increased due to absorption of N.

  • Vigorous vegetative growth.

  • Leaves dark green & not succulent.

  • Number and size of nodules in dicot plants are increased.

  • No watery tissues in leaves.

    Plant Growth Promoters

    Visible benefits :

  • Uniform increase in size of fruits/ flowers

  • Significants increase in size of fruits/ flowers

  • Pest disease in less

  • Lusture an leaves, fruits, flowers inincrease

  • Additional benefits :

  • Weight of fruits/flowers is significantly enhanced

  • Pulp content in fruits is enchanced

  • Keeping quality is improved

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml

    Dosage :
    Spraying : 2 ml. / lit (Two sprays before Maturity) Use of stickers in necessary

    Sucking Paste

    Need :

  • In case of all sucking pest attached

  • If leaves very soft, succulent

  • At the time of new shoots

  • Visible benefits :

  • Pest are repelledd

  • Egg laying capacity is reducedd

  • Leaves become rough & stiffd

  • Population of predators is increasedd

  • No stress in cropd

  • Additional benefits :

  • Plf os sap juice becomes acidic si, phenol content in leaves is increased

  • No residues in produced due to its 100% herbal and nontoxic nature

  • Availability : (HDPE bottles)
    250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml

    Dosage :
    2 ml / lte., 2 sprays after 4-5 days intervcal (Use of stickers in beneficial)