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Tansa Organics Private Limited

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Mycelium and Silica based Organic Fertilizers and Herbal Extracts for agriculture.

About Us

We "Tansa Organics Private Limited" established in Sept. 2000, manufacturing and exporting a quality range of organic fertilizers and herbal extracts for agriculture. Under this range Mycelium and Silica based fertilizers for soil and all crops, herbal extract for management of crop resistance against bacterial attack, herbal extract for management of fungal diseases, herbal extract which induces potash absorption capacity of roots and induces efficient CO2 absorption by leaves that enhance photosynthesis. In addition to this, we are offering herbal extract for management of viral diseases, for inducing silicon uptake in leaves from roots and herbal extract which induces absorption of atmospheric Nitrogen. The offered range of the products is processed by the experts using premium quality ingredients. Our expert professionals does not irradiate the products are the entire range is naturally dried in shade.

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